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LOL! Disney

Disney Macro and Motivator funnies

LOL Disney
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Disney macros, motivator and other funny photos.
Welcome to LOLDisney. This is the place to post funny Disney Motivators, manips and macros.


1: Any Disney property is open, be it the parks, resorts, movies, animated films, Pixar.. if its owned by Disney its fair game.

2: While this is Disney, there will probably be some adult themes on here. If its Not Work Safe, or Not Kid Safe, please please please make sure its noted and behind an LJ Cut.

3: More than 1 photo in the post, please put them under a cut. Also, any pictures larger than 500px tall or wide, please put it under a cut.

4: If you use photos that are not yours, please make sure you credit the site they came from. And please.. don't hotlink, use a photo sharing site, or your own web space, or LJs photo upload area.

5: Only LOLposts allowed...discussion can take place in the comment threads of the photos, but this is primarily a photo posting community.

6: Please make sure that you tag your posts with things like Mickey Motivator castle etc..

7: Play nice!